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Full Solutions from Manufacturing to Sales

Insider Expertise
With Amazon sales in the 9-figures, Tjernlund has learned the technical knowledge and developed the practical experience to deal with any issue. Our size and breadth of products allow us to meet directly with Vendor Managers and advocate for our partners.



Catalog Improvement
Whether selling First Party or Third Party, before you sell to the customer you have to "sell" to Amazon's Algorithm. Half art, half science. Creating compelling content that appeals both to a shopper and earns points with the algorithm is our expertise.



Advertising and Promotion
Sales on Amazon are doubly important: besides adding to your profits today's sale increases the likelihood of tomorrow's. Beyond AMS and Deals, we merchandise your products to maximize cross sales and new product sales velocity.





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Fulfillment and Warehousing

Tjernlund Services developed from our 81-year-old manufacturing business in Minnesota. We have the skills, equipment and space to handle even complex issues. Dozens of staff dedicated strictly to receiving, processing and shipping products for Amazon give us an advantage over other fulfillment service companies.

Custom Box-Making Machine
Tjernlund can assemble and package your products, create bundles or repackage returns with our box-machine with .01" tolerances.

Vertical 100,000 Square Feet
Indoor, heated, food-grade licensed, video-secured warehouse space.


No Size Limitations
Millions shipped ranging from Commercial Refrigerators and Air Conditioners to Individual Bolts and Screws.


Full Service Solutions

We simply say, "Yes." Unlock others 3PLs that make you build, package and label to THEIR specifications, we work around your needs and if you need to make changes for Amazon, we can solve that for you too.

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