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Experts on Every Step of the Process

Dedicated Amazon Expert Staff


On Site:​

Pick, Pack and Shipping

Catalog Managers

Customer Service

Compliance Managers


Off Site:

Catalog Team

(Overseas, Various)

Vendor Agent (Seattle)


Personal Service

Work directly with each subject matter experts and be as involved or hands-off as you like. Your business is not passed off to an intern, but directly controlled by our executive staff.

Direct Contact with Everyone on our Team

"Great call! Tjernlund provided a lot of insights into Amazon and different strategies we should pursue.

"Great call, incredible insights. Highly recommended!"

"Super insightful call - Tjernlund definitely knows their area extremely well and had some advice for me that is going to help my business tenfold."

"That was awesome, in 20 minutes I got more insights than after 2 days of googling."

"Would highly recommend Tjernlund to anyone wanting to know the ins and outs of Amazon, better than anyone I have ever spoken to. They are very forthcoming with their knowledge and a wise investment speaking to them."

Unlimited Bandwidth

We build our physical structures and team in anticipation of your growth so your bold plans are backed by solid execution. Warehousing and workers with no limits.

Grow as Big and Fast as you Want

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